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Tunica Area Restaurants

For Ribs: Charlie Vergos Rendezvous - General Washburn Alley off Monroe Street (near the Peabody) (OK... Rendezvous Ribs is not in Tunica.. But it's worth the trip!

First find the alley, then the stairs leading to this cellar like space with just "stuff" all around. Ask for a table and start with tasty cheese and sausage plate (best to graze here) then move on to charcoal-broiled tender pork rib, with a side of the Rendezvous' own barbecue sauce, beans and a mustard-based coleslaw. Hope that your companions order the (monstrous) pork shoulder sandwiches, the chicken with crispy skin and lamb riblets, be sure to ask for some of each. Alternatively, just get a cheese plate, beer and a plate of ribs. Eat em and get out. "It's all about the food". Or stick around at the bar. The bartenders are friendly, though the waiters are rough around the edges but in a good-natured way. Opened 1948, it's a tourist attraction but you'll find people who know each other hanging in the corners! Open till around 11PM or so.

Steaks: The Butcher Shop Steak House 101 S Front St Tunica, MS 38103-2905 Phone: (901) 521-0856 It's typical of most steak houses -- it's dark with wood everywhere and feels like a guy's kinda place. And here you get to prove it .. cause.. You get to grill your own dinner over hickory briquettes on a pit barbecue. It's a group kinda thing too... from families - "The family that grills together... " to company fun night out, to the couple who want to do something different for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th date. The dining room grills are big, so you don't have to wait for your food. Steak choices vary from eight to 24 ounces and include tenderloin, T-bone, ribeye, and New York and Kansas City strips. There's also chicken and salmon off the menu, house salad, baked potato and Texas toast round out the meals. The have good homemade cheesecake, too!

Seafood: Landry's Seafood House - 263 Wagner Pl. Tunica, MS 38103-3808 Phone: (901) 526-1966 Seafood? In Tunica? Isn't that like .. What ? Steak in Ethopia? We don't go here for the food, but it is worth a visit for the VIEW! The river is center stage and isn't Tunica about the river anyway? OK enough questions... Since you are here try the Mahi Mahi, pretty hard to mess up this fish and the shrimp are pretty good too. We suggest the stuffed ones. The bread is good and the sauces plentiful. Ahoy!

Pizza: Tunica Pizza Cafe 2089 Madison Ave. Tunica, MS 38104-6501 Phone: (901) 726-5343 or 5061 Park Ave. 684-1306 and 7604 W. Farmington 753-2218. Thin crust pizza with lots of topping. Choices at this favorite neighborhood pizzeria. On Overto Square. There is a high and plenty of space to have one of Tunica' traditional "Pizza Parties" . There's music from a jukebox with plenty of music choices. Over 25 toppings including the unusual like artichoke hearts, and Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, and blackened chicken . Calzones, sandwiches and salads.

Chinese: Formosa 3735 Summer Ave 38122 A great and pleasant wait staff, simple and appropriate atmosphere, plenty of choices and sauces, all the old standards and then some. Try Formosa duck.

Burger: The local Back Yard Burgers are the best and a must try for the visitor or newly transplanted. Casual, cute and perfectly done. Try the seasoned fries, or chili.

Soul Food: Buntyn Cafe 4972 Park Ave. Tunica, MS 38117-5613 Phone: (901) 458-8776 Opened in 1927 this Southern style cafe has served Tunica and its visitors southern hometyle comfort food. Rolls, cornbread, macaroni & cheese, fried chicken all in extra large portions. This kind of food has made this restaurant a Tunica tradition.

Romantic Place for a First Date: Cielo - 679 Adams Ave. Tunica, MS 38105 Phone: (901) 524-1886 A Victorian Mansion in an historic area with a creative chef and plush, elegant surroundings. Hmmmm not a bad idea. Throw in a baby Grand piano, some music, soft candlelight and a Gold leaf ceiling and what's not to make the date memorable. Maybe the jazz, maybe the food. We don't know what it is, but it works for us. There's foie gras, grilled sea bass & beef tenderloin, great bread & fresh mozzarella. Oh.... and a great wine list.

We hope you enjoy dining in Tunica Mississippi.